QR Codes - Why, Where and more

QR codes have been around for some, but only with the widespread adoption of smartphones and barcode-scanning apps have customers been able to easily access QR codes in significant numbers.


You may say that QR codes are fads, some may say QR codes are awesome…the moot point is that it's a tool, and with a bit of thought, QR codes can be used in fun and useful ways around the house too.

The number of people using QR codes is expected to grow. Some 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their devices to scan a QR code in the three-month average period ending October 2011.

So, what can marketers do to take customers out of their comfort zones and try something new? The ability to access information won't drive customers to a product's site unless there's a reason for them to do so. Below are some of the most creative, fun and interesting examples of QR code marketing that show QR codes have the potential to enrich the product experience and offer the customer real value.


  • Sharing Wi-Fi  - This is a hack which is often spoken about, but it remains relevant if you want to quickly share your Wi-Fi with guests and friends. We have briefly covered a tool like QR Code WiFi before that helps you quickly generate a code with your Wi-Fi parameters. QRStuff and QR Code Generator are other tools you can check out. You can download and print the QR code. Keep it next to your router or hang it up for your guests. You will be saved the bother of repeatedly giving the Wi-Fi details orally.
  • Lost and Found - I remember reading about the cure for forgetfulness with QR codes in an article. The article goes into the details of how to use QR codes printed in key chains that allows anyone with a smartphone (and hopefully a QR code app) to read the message and contact you. As an offshoot, you can generate your own QR code with contact details like phone number, have them printed out in stickers, and use them on items which you tend to misplace like phones and…pets.
  • Moving & Packing - This is a real-world use which is surprisingly effective. QR codes can store text information among other things. QR Code labelled stickers with the inventory of what's inside a particular package or box is a good time-saving device. A quick scan with a QR code reader saves you dollops of time when you have shifted house and are rummaging around for that hammer among the litter of boxes
  • Tag Digital Devices - completely paperless – connect your devices' manuals to the devices through QR codes. You can keep the manual PDFs on Dropbox (or any other cloud drive) and convert the URL to a QR code. Paste the code sticker on your device. The next time when you need to consult the manual, you can do so straight from your smartphone by scanning the code on the device. You can also encode data like a device's purchase date, serial number, and customer service center number and keep it handy for ready reference. You can also include your name and address as a basic "anti-theft" precaution.
  • "Multimedia" Greeting Cards - Get creative with your greeting cards. Yes…yes I know – no one sends physical greeting cards anymore. But imagine what you could do with a combo that uses a physical greeting card and a QR code stuck on it that links to an online home video shouting out the "real greeting". You can turn a cheap greeting card into a dynamic multimedia card with a more personal touch. Host your home video on YouTube (with privacy applied) and even Dropbox. You simply take the link and convert it into a QR code. Print it on a greeting cards
  • Create Map Directions - Encode Google Maps with clear directions and print it in a fraction of the area. You can do it for your events and business locatiosn by simply mapping the exact Point A to Point B addresses on Google Maps and converting it into a QR code. The new Google Maps makes it easier with directions. You can also embed the Street View URL in a QR code. Use a link shortener to make the QR code a bit neat and easier to scan.
  • For more - For more innovative uses that can fit into your requirement and custom color codes send us an email at info@agastaya.com